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Nov 15, 2003
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Topaz Ranch, Nevada
Please don't feel guilty, just be glad there's the forum to help. Perhaps contacting Bonnie Fogg to help you communicate with her might help. Ashley has a point about putting her in a round pen, sittin on the bucket with grain. However, I know exactly how you feel......sure wouldn't want to spend my precious time with a person I loathe.

I purchased a bred mare from a dear friend who she helped get out of a home where pickins were slim in the nutrition department. Dazzle is four years old and has had FIVE "recorded" owners in her four years on earth. She was fine by my friend's place, but she's a ring-tailed witch here.

When her due date approached, I brought her buddy into the barn adjacent to hers and slept in the stall next to her. Thought of it as a slumber party, and she had to get used to my presence....God forbid she have a distocia.

Dazzle foaled fast and textbook.....until she had to pass the placenta which rendered her in such pain that she couldn't get up to let the foal nurse for three hours. This nasty mare instinctively knew that I was there to help and she produced the most beautiful, friendly little colt (future herd sire)! Well, after a month, the "honeymoon" was over and she was back to her nasty self.

What I've come to realize is that she's a dominant mare, AT MY FARM, wanting a herd of her own. She runs a tight ship in her pasture and keeps the "upstarts" in line. (Gotta earn their place at the trough)

No, she'll never be a pocket pet, but there's a special bond/respect I developed for her. However, if she would've been nasty, perhaps I wouldn't feel this way. Let there be no doubt that I keep an eye on children in her pasture and I'm still unsettled about having a horse on the farm with that kind of temperment.

There's no easy answer in this situation....only a learning experience.


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