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Aug 22, 2003
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When you sell a horse, do you fill out the buyers name on the transfer, or do you leave it for them to do? If you leave it blank, just fill in your information, and the buyer resells the horse without doing the paperwork, then it would be feasible for them to just give them your transfer and never be recorded as owning the horse, correct?

In other words you sell a horse to A, give them the transfer with just your info on it. They never put the horse in their name and sell the horse to B and give them the transfer you gave to A, they fill it out and it looks like you sold the horse to B. IF this happened, and you neede A's name as recorded owner, for example to register a foal, would there be anything you could do or would you have an unregistered foal on your hands??



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Feb 25, 2004
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Ok i'm a bit confused i guess..and i'm certainly not an expert on this.. BUT the way i read it.. I'm going to make it a little simpler instead of using subject A and B i'll just use you and myself and a third party Hypothetically.

Ok... a Horse is owned by You. You sell it to Me and sign your name on the papers to transfere them over to me. You leave my name blank ect. Now I have the horse and never bother to transfere it to my name but decide to sell the horse. I would just relinquish the papers with your name on them to the next individual. should they choose to pursue transfereing it into their name..they do not need MY signature for anything. It will just bounce from your name to the next registered owner. You shouldn't ever need my signature unless it was registered in my name or my name was on them.

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