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Dec 20, 2007
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Wilmington, NC
I have just become the owner of a 2-year-old Mini (at least, I will be when the check clears!) I'm still trying to get all the pieces together, but I know her dam was AMHR only (38") and I think her sire was AMHA and AMHR. My girl is about 36," so it looks like she should be registerable. She has no temporary registration, as her previous owner just never got around to it. What do I need to do? I took a quick peek at the ASPC/AMHR rulebook on their website, but didn't see anything that seemed to address this exact situation.

It's not really that important that she be registered. I mean, she's not halter material, and I haven't any intentions of breeding her. Her conformation and way of going don't impress me as being the sort to knock-'em-dead in harness, either. She's more of a just-for-fun horse. I don't know if my kids might ever want to show her, if so, I'd like to have that option open. It's no biggie either way, I'd just like to know what the hoops are, so to speak. Can I even register her at this point, or is it somehow too late?
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Nov 30, 2002
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She won't be registerable with AMHA. However, she could be with AMHR.....but it sounds like you have a lot of leg work to get through........IF you want to do it.

You'll need to track down the registration info on both the sire and the dam, have the stallion owner send in a late breeding report (if that breeding wasn't recorded) which means a late fee. Plus, you will need signatures of her owner(s) at the time of breeding/birth.......and there will be a late fee for the application. There will also be transfer of ownership application with a fee.

I THINK I've covered it all........As I said, there are a lot of hoops to jump through, but it is possible as long as both parents are permanently registered with AMHR.

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