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Discussion in 'Crafters Chat Board' started by Marsha Cassada, May 27, 2016.

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    Marsha Cassada

    Marsha Cassada

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    O my! Some gorgeous quilts at the show today! I didn't take pictures, but there were some stunning ones. New and antique, so something for everyone. It boggles my mind the way some people can put colors together. It sort of makes me want to piece my own Oklahoma County quilt, but I know it would drive me crazy and I'd be miserable. But the quilt group is going to do it when they recover from putting on the show. I've decided to use some of the Civil War fabrics, as I believe their calico/homestead designs and colors will best suit my project.

    The barn quilts were also on display. This one is called Road To Oklahoma. It's the pattern I'm using for my County project. ( My phone does not take good photos) The quilters suggested using it as a four-patch around my center map.

    null quilt.jpg

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