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Silver City Heritage Farmstead

Can't stop now (formerly Dragons Wish Farm)
May 29, 2012
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Raeford (Silver City) NC

Haven't been in to town with the laptop for quite a while, and my mobile device wouldn't let me log in to the forum.
I have a suuuuuuper long list of comments, however, since I'm on a time limit today it's brief.

Last September, Casper (my avatar horse) was sold to a 4H/FFA home. I've been spending some time with Paula out at LP Painted Ponies, and am relocating closer to her!!
I'm in the process of redirecting my progam to smaller horses, with no Buckeroo breeding (people are gonna need good outcrosses soon!!). Casper was only 35", but I noticed that even at that size he could intimidate special needs folks...so the search is on.

I am still more focused on driving and performance, with a little trick training added. Our community service events tend to use in-hand performance obstacles, with waves and bows as the tricks. If we do a birthday for a child, I write a short story that incoporates both the theme of the party, and a standard obstacle course. Look out Nationals, 2015 is still our target and WE WILL BE PREPARED!!

My list of comments includes:

  1. YES--Dwarf testing is available. I will use it, and depending upon results--both individually and industry-wide--will decide how I will use them when I make breeding decisions. Like CA and LFS in Arabs, whether or not to use carriers is a very personal decision, and it might not be wise to throw them all out of the breeding pool.
  2. AMHR Draft classes--I agree with comments along the lines of "if the sauce is good for the goose, it's good for the gander." By this I mean that if also showing in a driving class is REQUIRED for draft halter, it should be REQUIRED for ALL halter horses of driving age.
There are others, particularly on the Back Porch, but I need to run for now. Be looking for exciting updates and additions to the farm during the next 90 days!!

Thanks everyone, you have all been inspirations to me, even if I couldn't let you know until today!!