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Oct 2, 2004
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Need to ask a question about a pony I took in a few weeks back. He is a shetland about 44 in. and has foundered in the past. I am not worried about the founder as I can hopefully handle that if a problem arises.

What is bothering me is his rapid breathing. This has started in the last few days and other than this he seems to be fine. He eats, I have him dry lotted except for a couple hours a day when I allow him to graze.

He is at the trough dunking his head in the water as if he is too hot. He has the option of going into the barn under a fan if he wants and does so many times during the day. He is solid white with a pink muzzle.

I will call the vet tomorrow but wanted to ask this forum if the breathing is a sign of what?? His sides just move in and out so fast. He does not wheeze but the breathing is noisy. Just cannot explain it so hopefully I have made myself clear.

Any help will be appreciated.




dunking the head in water is usually a sign of ulcers. Is he on a drylot that is dusty?? this could cause the rapid breathing and so could lung worms. Or he could be a heavy horse and in that case it never goes away but there are meds to help. For sure i would have a vet take a look at him.

Good luck!


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