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Aug 30, 2004
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according to the horse/harness measurement guide what one will fit my mini horse who is a 2 year old gelding.??

My miniature geldings measurement is :

A - 32"

B - 14"

C - 10"

D - 55"

E - 27"

F - 32"

G - 31"

Miniature Size

A - 28" to 35" from corner of mouth to corner of mouth

B - 13" Brow Band

C - 10" nose band

D - 46" to 51" girth (right around body )

E - 23" to 31" from back band to dock

F - 31" to 37" over loin

G - 28" from flank to flank

Pony Size

A - 30" to 39"

B - 14"

C - 11"

D - 52" TO 64"

E - 28" TO 34"

F - 37" TO 45"

G - 36"


- there is a differance between D &G OF the mini harness

- there is a differance in F & G IN THE PONY HARNESS

Which one will fit my geldings size with room to make a bit smaller or a bit bigger if needed and can the pony one on F and G be able to be made smaller at the buckle and can the miniature harness be made bigger at the buckle ???


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Nov 30, 2002
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First, remembering that this is a two year old, and therefore is likely to fill out as he matures further, I would request that the harness be made up with a combination of mini parts and pony parts, where suitable! You SURELY don't want a browband that is too short, for instance! Double check your measurements, send them in with your request to make the harness up with parts suitable to your horse's measurements. All harness is simply the 'sum of its parts', and should be able to be bought, and 'put together', so to speak, piece by piece. Harness measurements, where there is an adjustment factor, should be at the middlemost hole; it is best never to have a harness let out to its longest hole-not only does it not look good, but you have no "leeway" if something breaks, for instance. A rein splice and a trace splice, and a suitable conway buckle or two, are really good ideas to have around. You can buy the splices, or have a local leatherworker make them for you-just look in some of the harnessmakers' catalogs for what they look like, and have your local person make you that!

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