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Aug 17, 2003
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Morson, Ontario, Canada
I often look at the Auction category that I have set up for CMHR and there is most often, nothing listed. Why is this? I would think it most important to raise as many funds as possible. Even if nobody has donated any items, you can still list a multi-item listing for your fundraiser items, such as the T-Shirts and Cookbooks.

You can run the auctions for 30 days at a time, and have them auto-relist. Set it up for 20 of each or however many you can offer. That way, if someone comes along, and sees it is for a fundraiser, they may BUY! There are new people registering every day...it would be a shame to be letting potential income for the Rescue, slip through your fingers.


hi mona

we are trying!!! I just listed and sold one of the last cookbooks i had and am now trying to get the member who has the rest to list them. I think we only have about 20 cookbooks left but we do need to get them sold. We always list what people donate but I guess tami hasnt gotten any donations lately. Tami is trying and I do think they have gone more smoothly. Ill ask her to get some more tshirts on there. thank you mona


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Dec 2, 2002
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Thank You Mona,

I think part of it is that we are all so overworked that it is hard to keep up with things. Tami is doing great with the auction and your idea is wonderful as well!

Yep, we need to get those cookbooks listed as well. They really are neet books.

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