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Connie P

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Dec 1, 2002
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Armada, Michigan
I was getting a bit discouraged with the pregnamare test kits as I was getting false negatives - this just proven again with Red Snow's results.

I was testing at about day 80 and then switched to testing at day 45 - well that is when I was getting false negatives. I tested Red Snow at day 45 and it came back negative - just tested her again today at day 77 at wha-la - POSITIVE!!

Talked with Christine (littlesteppers) when I purchased some pregnamare tests from her last week and she said that you will get the best results with testing between days 75 - 85.

I felt it important to share this information as these tests are a little pricey and getting false negatives is no fun at all.

Chistine was the absolute BEST to deal with and I will always get my tests from her from now on.

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!

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