Pony Pictures from Jodie are here!

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Nov 30, 2002
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Yeah! My Pictures from our Jodie French farm shoot are here! So, I would like to share my two pony stallions!

This is SMHC's Excellsior's Stylish Mover, aka "Bo". He is a 44", three year old stallion. This is a sweet boy that likes to get into mischief! He is a Daddy for the first time this year with three healthy foals on the ground. Maybe we can get Laura to post some pictures of his babies on here??

SMHC's Excelsior's Stylish Mover

And this is Van-Lo's Sample The Dream, aka Gemini. He is a 38" eight year old stallion that is ASPC/AMHR reg and Foundation Sealed. This is the sweetest stallion you could meet and his get are the same way. I couldn't ask for a better boy!

Van-Lo's Sample The Dream

Both of these boys live with their mares AND their foals. It is so neat to watch them play with, grooming on, and in general loving on the babies. I watch some of the foals do something rotten to someone and then run to "Daddy" to save them! Too funny!

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