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Nov 26, 2003
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Rowley, Ma.
I saw the ad for this magazine in the new "Journal" Anyone have an opinion whether it is worth the investment to subscribe? I am looking for more pony magazines and literature If not this one, any suggestions?


they have been handing out free issues of it at the horse shows and it looks promising. I believe this magazine started a year ago. I first saw it at congress 2004. I had a couple of them laying here. iF i could find one id mail it to you so you could see before you buy

I have noticed its alot of articles about performance ponies. Which my son found fascinating.


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Dec 18, 2003
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I subscribed to this magazine earlier this year. It is supposed to be quarterly, but so far I've only received the first issue. I know there has been some problems. They were located in Florida, but too many hurricanes in a row forced them to move. I believe they are now in Colorado. I emailed them a month or so ago to find out if they were still in business. I was assured they were and isuue 2 would be out soon. I'm still waiting.

I have the premier issue and issue one. From what I've seen it's a really nice magazine. I just hope they can overcome all their obstacles and continue.


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Aug 20, 2003
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I'm on a couple of forums with a lot of Welsh and American Sport Pony people and many of them got on board with ads as soon as the magazine was announced and have been very disappointed in the slow production, etc. The first issue was late even before the hurricane's hit last year and many felt the hurricanes were just an excuse to cover up production issues. Many advertisers had been sold ads to advertise their stallions at stud and the magazine came out so late it wasn't an effective use of their stallion at stud advertising dollars.

There is another new pony publication called The Paisley Pony by the publishers of The Plaid Horse that is receiving very good reviews and has been published on schedule as promised.

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