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Kellie in OR

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Jan 5, 2008
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A friend of mine, the one who gave me Hondo, sold me her new pairs mini harness. It is a made in India, nothing fancy, but a good beginning harness. I don't plan on competing or anything, just cruising around as a way to keep the boys in shape.

I am working with both Bill and Hondo ground driving. Hondo has a little more experience and will walk, trot and whoa on nearly all voice. His steering and straightness is pretty good too considering he hasn't done this but a couple times in 3 years.

Bill is doing real good considering he has almost no experience. But he is nearly unflappable since he has been ridden by lots of kids. He does have a very short attention span and after a few minutes he had a pint sized rodeo. But it was over real quick and unlike a big horse there was no getting drug across the arena.

I am going to take some driving lessons and get some help before hooking them. I don't have a cart yet, but I hope to have one in a few months.

I just love these guys, I can't believe how fun and smart they are!


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Jun 22, 2004
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Thanks for sharing your pictures, your guys are very cute
Good luck with driving it's a lot of fun

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