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Jan 1, 2008
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Hi Yall. I have a gelding with pigeon fever. I thought it might be helpful to post some information and pictures as well as share our story.



With the drought last year Vets are seeing lage numbers of cases of pigeon fever even in states where its much less common. IF you suspect your horse has pigeon fever please seek medical help. My gelding Wrangler, started with this almost 2 months ago. It started with a limp in his front left. He had a small abcess the size of a small marble on his coronet in the back. We treated, ( penicillin )assuming it was possible causing the limping and possibly from an injury. After several days with his limping we noticed he has swelling in the "armpit" of that leg. It was very hard swelling. So assuming it was an injury, we started with cold hose treatment. After a week the horse next door developed similar symptoms. The horses were taken to the vet and we were priscribed Uniprim. The swelling seemed to go down and get better. After stopping the uniprim, which the Vet did prescribe for pigeon fever, both our horses had the abcesses come to a point where we could lance and treat. However during this time, my horse also developed another abcess, this one the size of an egg on his chest. During the past week-2 weeks my horses second abcess had grown huge. Its still not at a point where we can lance and treat. I have read many times on different sites that pigeon fever should NOT be treated until After the abcess is lanced.

During this my gelding has had fever, pain and weightloss.

These are the picture I have from the first abcess he had in his armpit.: ( clickable thumbnails)

Abcess in chest a week ago:

And these are this morning pictures of the abcess in his chest, still unable to lance:



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Dec 4, 2002
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San Angelo, Texas
My stallion had Pigeon fever ( I posted a couple of weeks back). He is all healed up. Finished his RX. The best thing my vet suggested was to make sure you keep them covered with fly spray. Good luck. I'm sure your horse will be well soon and your neighbor's horse too.

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