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Aug 17, 2003
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Just wanted you all to know that Jodi has added some quick pics on Harvey Wallbanger's thread that I started earlier today. Thank all of you who are keeping us in your prayers. Just to clarify where his name came from All foals who bear the Maine Pride name have alcohol names so far we have Crown Royal, Amaretto Delight, and Rumrunner Delight. So yesterday morning when our wonderful vet was here he had determined that Harvey was oxygen deprived so he made the statement well you know he'll probably never go to Harvard joking with us. That got me thinking Harvey and of course that led to a drink name Harvey Wallbanger. and since his mom shoves him around to get him where she wants him to nurse he has in fact been a Wall Banger so the name fits on many levels.As in dont be a Harvey lol.
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