Pesky flies & horse that is allergic to them.

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Aug 31, 2007
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Ok, my horse is allergic to flies. He gets little patches of missing hair on his nose and scabs on his legs. I fly spray him every day. Does anyone have a horse like this? What do you do? Which is the best fly sray?

He also seems to have a weird case of fungus where his hair is starting to fall out in patches. No bloody stuff, just looks matted and then falls out. Have you ever had a horse allergic to water? Just wondering if thats possible, then again it could have been the shampoo, but he caught rain rot very quickly last year after a small rain shower.

Back to the fly issue, I was thinking about buying a fly mask but do you think he could pull it off. He is in a small dirt lot. Would it be better to put the spray on my hands or towel and wipe it on?

Bodie has been on Missing Link supplement to help his skin for more than a month and I have tried MTG but he was really itchy afterward and scratched and scratched. That didn't work. Help? Anyone?

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