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Sep 23, 2004
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Straits Area Michigan
Buddy will be going to the county fair show on August 6th..we're letting the neighbor girl take him. I will of course give her any ribbons/money collected there..it's just like 14/16 dollars..

She's working hard with him, and he's being a snot! Today I forgot my pain and got up and took him from her and let him have it! By the time I got down he was listening to me and stopping and turning to me and waiting for me..

he's rearing, hopping at times even turned his butt to her once,(while lunging) but as soon as you correct him it's like "oh I'm SO sorry, please don't be mad" and he's good forever..he's always after the grass and we don't have a round pen as I've said before and he gets mad when we lunge him,

we NEVER put him away unless we have the upper hand. Every time he tries to nibble,move, we MAKE him back up rapidly three steps minium..one thing in the ring there will ne no problem doing the back

AFter three days and a small chain OVER his nose (he ignored one under his chin)

he's really coming around..will walk though puddles, walk over logs, working on a sidepass straddle of the log..so we'll get there!

He's not mean at all just a brat and Carl has spoiled him which is presently being rectified!

Wish us luck on August 6th, Maxine
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Nov 30, 2002
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It sounds to me that the little girl is a having a bout of pre-show ring jitters and she may be acting nervous around Buddy. He wants to be silly.

Maybe she is working "too hard and too serious" instead of relaxed and calm. Sometimes you can get a bit "intense" when working a horse I think and kids might get it confused with just being firm. He's "getting her number" so it's going to be important for her to learn how to correct him instead of you. Good that you showed her how to make him behave so let her start to handle him soon as he quits being a puke face.

Tell the little girl that horses are great at making fools out of us all the time especially in the show ring so no matter what, for her to keep her chin up and not to get upset. We've all been there! Tell her that no matter what he does in the ring, to keep on showing until the class is ended and just enjoy!!!.

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