Our busy weekend foals have grown.WOW

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Sep 17, 2006
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brandon, ms
our busy weekend of April 19-20 our three foals have grown so much.

Here is Paint By Numbers Bucks Tinker Belle.Do you are still think she is bay only and not silver.

sire Little Kings Hallmarks Buckshot (buckskin)

Dam Savannah(liver Chestnut with roaning)

she is going to be small.What color do you think she is?

Tinker Belle

Tinker Belle

Tinker Belle

Tinker Belle

Spunky our bay colt who is AMHR only

PBN ? name pending barn name Spunky (need help with his name want to use SUNBI in his name with Spunky)

sire WM Golden Sunbi

Dam Hunt House Farms Ruby Tuesday.

this pair is for sale.

This colt is going to follow is sire. His sire was 4th in AMHA world show in 2006 in driving.

This colt will make a nice show colt or gelding.





2008 AMHA/AMHR bay pinto filly with one brown eye and one eye half brown and half blue.

She is mostly a keeper for us,because her sire is for sale.

Sire Velvet Farms Kings Echo boones little buckeroo bloodlines

dam ABC Silver and lace

she is going to be small

we haven't decide on her name yet need help. We are thinking of Twinkie,she is marked up just like her sire.

Paint By Numbers Echos ? and PBN Echos ?

Thanks for letting us share.We are so happy to have healthy foals eariler this year some mares abort.

here is our first foal a bay colt

Paint By Numbers Echos Sky Sniper

sire velvet farms kings echo

dam western sky morning delight

he is for sale


This year we have all bays so far. We have only two more mares to foal one in june, who is homozygous for tobiano(she is sorrel pinto bred to buckskin) and our cremello(perlino)mare bred to our bay pinto due aug.The cremello(perlino)mare is the only one we know that will not throw a bay foal this year.We love bays, but would love other colors as well.
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