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Flyin G Farm

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May 3, 2004
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Snohomish, WA
Our foaling season started March 8th...and finally ended June 1st...I have to say I'm glad to be sleeping again
I still don't have registered names for a couple of them...so any help would be appreciated!

First is Flyin G Bonsais Tail Spin (aka Spinner)...loud appy (not sure if he's snowcap or ???). He is sired by Westwind Farms Rollers Bonsai out of Mini Whinny Acres Silver Elayshun:

Next is Flyin G's Venti Mocha Blanca (aka Mocha...named by his new owners). He is sired by Little Kings Russian Revelation out of FLF Stormys Midnight Sonata. He has just a little patch of white above his shoulders on both sides, and a little rectangular strip on his rear:

Then we have Flyin G's (need help with this one)...his barn name is Kaluah. Sired by Little Kings Russian Revelation out of Fowler Boomer's Exotica Lovesong. Even though it's hard to see...he has high whites front and back, a star/snip and blue eyes:

This next filly was a red bag...dam is a maiden mare who was seriously cranky prior to foaling...I even had Bonnie talk to her for me and I'm glad I did...she turned out to be a fantastic mother. This filly will be Flyin G's Classy Dancer of Wolf Acres (aka Dancer...she has been sold as well and named by her new owner). She is sired by Buckeye WCF Derby Dancer out of Hells Canyon Classy Chassis:

Next is Flyin G's (need a name for this guy too...I'd like to use Bonsai in there after his sire...but it's not a requirement...his barn name is Chip). He is a really pretty dun like his other 2 brothers. His sire is Westwind Farms Rollers Bonsai and he is out of Dusty Lane Vegas Dance Line. Haven't gotten any fantastic pictures of him yet unfortunately:

And last, but certainly not least, is this beautiful filly who my husband named Flicka about 2 seconds after she was born...I never even had a chance of thinking of names! :DOH! She is also sired by Westwind Farms Rollers Bonsai out of Rowbuck Bequest of Broadway...I think she is going to grow up to look identical to her dam which is awesome because Bequest is beautiful! No name for her yet either...I'm so not on the ball with registered names this year!

Thank you for letting me share


Namaste Miniatures

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Sep 18, 2007
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Congratulations on all of your pretty babies
I Love the black filly out of Bequest, she looks like she is going to mature just like her mom " Beautiful ". I hope you can get caught up on some sleep & Hope to see you at some shows this year


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