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Jess P

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Aug 22, 2004
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New Hampshire
So I am getting the horses ready for a show tomorrow and Dusty is giving me a hard time, he was a bit anxious and uppity today. I go down to his hooves and sandpaper them, then start putting on hoof black. Make my way up towards the coronet and tadaa, he moves. Now, this chestnut gelding has a nice big black splotch on his leg. HOW DO YOU GET THIS OFF?!

Thank you
I used hoof polish remover when I got (with Sterling's help) hoof polish on his tail. He is a dapple gray - what a mess. Was on 6" of his tail. I ran to Brooke Sheridan and she gave me some hoof polish remover. It worked. I also have some nail polish remover in my show stuff.

Good luck.

I usually use plain ol rubbing alcohol. seems to work pretty good for me !

that hoof black can be a pain make sure you put on latex gloves or some other kind of glove that you can get it on so that you hands dont get covered in hoof black if you have a dancin mini or big horse for that !

I figured that one out after a few times goin into a class with black fingers !

If you horse is dancing around if you pick up one foot and hold it they should stand relatively still. just a quick tip i thought i would share
My Number 1 choice - Rubbing Alchol. Its inexpensive and does a great job

Number 2 - Hoof polish remover - Kinda spendy

Number 3 - Baby wipes - Used more for small spots on the legs where they brush against themselves instead of the whoops....

I have also had good luck with Cowboy Magic GreenSpot Remover

Just a tip, I carry a magic marker in my groom tote and if I get a uneven spot, like the cornet area I just use the black marker to fill in. Also great for scuffs that you may get before entering the arena. Those hoof black daubers are sometimes difficult when your horses is squirrling around....
We always have a can of WD40 works for that and getting yellow stains off white parts the spray can with a million uses.
Thanks guys. I started using the nail polish remover tonight and it seemed to work but it got too dark, im going to try to get the rest off tomorrow (how fun). Ill try the rubbing alcohol because it isn't so strong smelling
Okay, here's an "itty bitty tippy" for you...I discovered this EONS ago while I was working for a trainer. I was grooming her Arabian stallion that had big white socks, and I put black hoof polish on his black stripes on his hooves...well...he of course moved, and bumped me, and he got hoof polish on those lovely white socks!! On the advise of someone in the aisle, I grabbed a can of hair spray, sprayed the black spots, and rubbed them off the hair. It worked!!!!
I was SO relieved!

Kim R.
Thans everyone. I got most of it off so it isn't noticeable, I was in a bit of a rush this morning so I was relieved that there wasn't much left. I will keep all your suggestions!
We had this little mishap once, we just grabbed a washcloth, put a little shampoo on it, and rubbed right out. Simple, clean, and easy!!

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