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Aug 20, 2003
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Offer all the classes on the approved class list.

Mini Nationals does - why doesn't Congress?

There are many, many classes that are regularly offered at local shows that are not offered at Congress - classes that encourage the "all around", youth and amateur ponies to show.

Some classes that aren't offered at Congress:

Modern Walk

Modern Walk-Trot

Modern Jumping in Hand

Modern Obstacle Driving

Modern Reinsmanship

Modern Prescision Driving

Modern Parade Pony

Modern Pleasure Youth Gelding

Modern Pleasure Youth Mare

Modern Herd of Six

Modern Pleasure Broodmare

Modern Pleasure Mare and Foal

Modern Amateur Showmanship

Modern Under Saddle - English or Western

Modern Halter Obstacle

Modern PMC Showmanship

Modern PMC Mare/Gelding

Foundation Get of Sire

Foundation Produce of Dam

Foundation PMC Halter Gelding/Mare

Foundation Broodmare

Classic Youth Halter for the 7 and Under children

Classic Amateur Jumper in Hand

Classic Amateur Hunter in Hand

Classic Amateur Halter Obstacle

Classic Amateur Showmanship

Classic Reinsmanship

Classic Prescision Driving

Classic Equitation Walk

Classic Equitation Walk/Trot

Classic Equitation Walk/Trot/Canter

Classic Combination Pleasure

Classic Unicorn Draft Harness

Classic Tandem Draft Harness

Classic Carriage Obstacle Driving

I'm sure I've missed a whole boat load of classes that aren't offered but this list gives you an idea of just what is missing.


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Oct 9, 2007
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Quitman, TX
Down here we have youth that show in the modern jumping in hand and modern obstacle in hand and we always have several entries in the modern pleasure youth halter classes. I known several amateurs that would be in showmanship, jumping in hand, and obstacle in hand if the amateur class was offered. They do not like competing in the open and did not enter those open classes at Congress since they do not feel they can compete with trainers and the youth that do show in the open classes. And I have clients that would participate in all of the foundation classes. We were very disappointed that a foundation get of sire was not offered at Congress along with foundation produce of dam and the foundation PMC class. We nearly always have kids competing in the equitation classes at the Texas shows and I have three youths that are all riders. They cannot show if the classes are not at least offered.


couldnt agree more! we had to show jet in classic color because there was no foundation. a lot of people thought we couldnt do that but we checked with the steward and rule book and since there was no foundation color we had to show classic color.

maranatha minis

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Apr 29, 2004
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I have just gotten into ponies and I just realized I don't even know what classes are offered. I have been to AMHR/ASPC shows and there aren't very many ponies there. I have found if they are AMHR/ASPC reg. they show as minis. so there aren't many actual pony classes. So I guess what i am asking is what classes are there for ponies. is there just ASPC shows? I have to learn alot between now and spring.

thanks for you help.


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