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Nov 30, 2002
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We have been so excited as time nears for this weekend.
We are having one of horses shown at the Okeechobee show, and its our VERY FIRST time having one of our horses shown since years ago when our son used to show, gosh 12-13 years ago. It's been soooooo long since we've had a horse of ours in a show ring (outside of just for fun shows...still, even that was years ago too, LOL) and even though our mare is being shown for us, I'm still on pins and needles, SUPER EXCITED, and very nervous, all at once, LOL.

Anyways, here we are now, FINALLY, after all these years, and especially with these last couple months in "prep" for THIS WEEKEND...we are all set to go, and then hubby asks me "the question"...

"Um....WHERE is the show at, and how do we get there?" :DOH!

In all my excitement, it never even dawned on me to even think of asking for that very important tidbit of information, ROFL!

So, now I'm wrestling with my show bill papers trying to find an address, and also trying to find the place online for a map on how to get there. Then, I see that the show bill has one address noted of:

Okeechobee Agri-Civic Center

4200 E. Hwy 70

Okeechobee, FL

While hubby finds a website for the center, noting a different address of:


4601 Highway 710

Okeechobee, FL

As noted on this website - http://www.co.okeechobee.fl.us/Agri-Civic-Center/index.html

Does anyone know which is the right address? I know this is "last minute", but I'd be grateful for any help?