NHR help kids in gulf coast area go back to school

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Dec 24, 2004
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Fallon, NV
Stuff a backpack ThA recipe for disaster ... relief

Stumped about what makes good stuffing? Here is a sample recipe, but feel free to come up with your own school supply and personal item stuffing recipe.

Take 1 new or gently used backpack and stuff with the following:

10 new pens and 10 new pencils, freshly sharpened

2 new erasers

4 new notebooks with lined white paper

1 cool new binder

1 new toothbrush

1 new tube of toothpaste

2 healthy snack bars (think granola type thing)

Special sauce (optional, but awesome if you can swing it...)

1 calculator

1 note to a new friend ("i'm thinking of you" type of thing)

1 cool key chain for the backpack (just like you, they've got style on the gulf coast too...)

Where to send your supplies:

Attn: We've Got Your Back!

Hogg Middle School

1100 Merrill

Houston, TX 77009

is is a orginization of kids helping kids, thought others would be interested too.

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