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Oct 11, 2020
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NY:15 miles south of Quebec
Or a Joystick,,,,, :)
Hello Everyone
Only been about 18hrs since they arrived - 2 4yr old Mini Donks. Very cute and apparently lovable but so far not interested in us and of course I don’t blame them. But last night it would have been very good to get them into their stable as it was cold. As of midnight they were about as far from the stable as possible. :( Not sure where they are right now as it is dark out there. Today I will sit on a chair in their area and quietly read or surf on my phone. Oh yeah, we’re in far, far upstate NY - about a half dozen golf shots from Canada.

Here to continue learning how to deal w/this critters - our first w/hooves!


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May 3, 2017
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Welcome 😊

Donkeys take a little longer than horses, they like to make sure everything is fine before making up their minds but once they trust you you've got it made. Sitting with them is a great idea. Are they on grass? If not try not free feeding them and let them see you bringing out their food, you can get a lot of brownie points that way. Waiting for them to come up to you can be frustrating but is your best bet at this point. There are signals they give that you can learn about that will help you know if they are comfortable with you coming up to them and what to do if they're not, Google calming signals.

That was a little off topic. What Dragon Hill said is perfect. When you're sitting out there, make sure you are not near the barn so they will be happier to go in.


Yes that was some good advice I got there thank you very much! Well I did just that and after 45 minutes or so you could just see that they were starting to really chill with my presence. Intern they both came up and got kind of friendly and as I’ve been told I just kept everything short and sweet. I turn back to my phone and ignore them and they would just stay there so I felt compelled to pet them some more! All in a good day.
Thanks kindly 👍🏽

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