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Apr 11, 2005
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We have a new filly born early Saturday morning, I wasn't expecting her for another 2 weeks. Mom is a maiden mare I have been watching closley, I checked her bag when I did chore it was a little more firm than the day before so I put her in the camera stall. Her bag was only about 1/2 there but with a maiden you never know. I did my final check about 10:30pm and promptly fell asleep, woke up about 1:30am and peeked at the camera. I was shocked to see a baby!!!! ran out to the barn to find a beautiful medicine hat filly all DRY and nursing
Mom was doing great and just loved her baby WHEW!
That mare must have had that baby shortly after I left
Thank GOD everything went well and mom knew what to do
now the baby is 3 days old and still no name. You guys are so good at name suggestions can you help
would love to hear any ideas. Mom is "Beal's Barnyard Eternal Dream" and sire is "Boyers Windy Acres White Feather"


Loess Hills

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Dec 5, 2002
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Sioux City, Iowa - on the Lewis & Clark Trail
Congratulations on your beautiful little filly! What a darling little doll...........

Love the name game. Try these on for size:

  • Beals Barnyard Red Hat Society
  • Beals Barnyard Red Red Rose
  • Beals Barnyard Red Snow
  • Beals Barnyard Rhiannon
  • Beals Barnyard Rouge Feather
  • Beals Barnyard Irish Cream
  • Beals Barnyard Bella Feather

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