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Aug 24, 2004
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For those of you attending the Nationals looking for places to stay?

Try 31st & Memorial in a triangle with I-44 & BA Expressway.

It holds a cluster of over a dozen Motels, Extended stays, etc, next to TWO large Western stores(Drydales/Clanders(sp)), which sets next to a Crackle Barrel, Pizza Hut, Sub shop, NY Deli, Mac-D's, I-Hop, Ruby Tuesday, 5 & Diner etc. etc.

Easy way to get to Fair grounds = Up Memorial 31st to 15th & left for two miles(Memorial/Sheridain/Yale) to fairgrounds. Quick & easy.

Many many eating places sit in all directions from motels as well as shopping.

At 21st & Memorial(right turn) is another very good western store = Corral West.

Plan ahead & enjoy your trip to the Nationals....


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