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Nov 5, 2007
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Well it has been 7 weeks tomorrow since my MIL had her stroke after her knee surgery.

We have had many ups and down, she had a urinary tract infection that had her vomiting, then the next week she had kidney failure due to them changing her high blood pressure meds( side effect is kidney failure) also had her vomiting, so thru all that she couldnt do as much therapy on her knees.

But she can stand on her own and walk the parellel bars.

Today is the day she leaves the rehab center and my sister in law and her husband came to take her to Louisville KY where they live.

My SIL works at a facility so her Mom will be there, which will be nice.. They wil do more therapy and then will go from there.

Thanks so much for all your prayers, she is coming along, I dont know that she will ever be back like she was, but close to it..

We have her house and mini van for sale, had a garage sale of her stuff, (she still has lots)

That woman had 40 plus yrs of stuff we had to burn ( we burned up a shredder so thought burning was faster)

So a lesson to us all- Dont keep all those needless papers after the 7 yr tax mark, cause if you do someone will have to go thru lots later..

Reminicing was fun for my husband and his siblings but so much to DO something with! She had 3000 books!! We sold some, gave some away, and are donating more to get rid of them. Dont know that she will ever read again-alittle too confusing. We have saved her books incase she does want to read again.

So i tell her she is on to the next chapter in her life..

Of course I cried last night telling her goodbye...



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May 9, 2007
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So glad that she is doing so well. Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.


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Nov 30, 2002
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Southern, NJ
This is wonderful news that she is doing better and getting to go to her new home. I'm sure her daughter will take very good care of her. I hope she continues to get stronger with each and every passing day. I know you are sad and cried to see her go... you all have been thru so much....it'll be ok....
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