My Frankie is BACK,

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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
You may remember that right before Frankie gave birth to Prints, she became the mare from he77! She hated me! Didn't want me near her, didn't want me to touch her, if I tried to groom her she would cow kick the brush from my hand, clippers were out of the question and if I came with in 10 feet of her, she'd turn her butt to me. I posted pictures here when she was about 10 months and they were all of her backside, because she always turned to me.

After she had Prints, now I do realize all of Print's problems contributed to this, but her attitude towards me just got worst. I pretty much gave up, my Frankie was gone and it would never be the same.

Well today I was out grooming, finished with Jewel and she walked away and Frankie came up to me and put her head at my legs just above my knees!
She has always always done that when she wants her neck brushed. If no one else in the barn yard likes me that day, Frankie always did. But her hormones must of been so out of whack she must of blamed me. Because she has not liked me since about April.


Please don't tell my others Frankie is really my favorite, not really but you now what I mean, but all was right in the barn yard today when she became herself again!
I brushed her for about 15 minutes, she turned and I was like oh man don't do that, she backed up to me, brushed her butt and off she went!

After all of this I have thought well, she just grew up. So glad she is still my baby girls.

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