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Dec 24, 2002
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We have a publication in our state called Hoofprints. Starwish got me a copy and I noticed that they have a club section. They list some of the rescue groups from the state. I contacted the editor and made arrangements to get us in the next issue, June. She will do a 1/4 page ad for free for rescue groups and I can list us on the club section for $15 for the year.

For the 1/4 page ad, I took pieces from the "history" page and made a short parargraph that gives a very general idea about the group. I have the logo on the left side of the paragraph. I hope it fits in the size she has. I wasn't sure if I should mention which forum and it made it take up less space. Let me know what you all think of it and if I need to ad or delete anything.

"Chance's Mini Horse Rescue was conceived by a group of miniature horse lovers concerned over a message that appeared on a forum. In a few short weeks the miniature horse community came together and through the determined efforts of its founding members, Chance's Mini Horse Rescue was born. In the first year CMHR rescued its first minis; Bylaws and Policies were written and in place; volunteers were distributing information nationwide; a brochure was designed and distributed; fund raising efforts began; 501c Non Profit Status was filed with the IRS and over 55 members came on board to help grow CMHR! Read more about us at www.chancesminihorserescue.org"


thank you so much!!! we do have i believe a business card size ad that anyone can use. If anyone needs it pls email our secretary at secretary@chancesminihorserescue.org


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Jan 2, 2003
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Great article. As to your question about mentioning the Forum, Mary Lou says fine. We are changing our phamplet to include Lil Beginnings as that is where we started and without Mary Lou, we would not be in exisistance.

Jusyt an editing note. Where you have "grow CMHR" I think it should be reversed CMHR grow.

Thank you so much for doing this/



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Dec 2, 2002
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Wahoo!! Good going!

This brings up a very very valid point. CMHR is here mostly because of the Lil Beginnings forum. It was on this forum that the story of Chance unfolded, and it was Mary Lou that gave us a place to use for messages and to get the ball rolling on the rescue after that story was publically handled. So yes, we owe it to ML to let others know that she is a HUGE sponsor for us and because of her forum we were able to start CMHR.

Thank you ML!

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