My Dog Food Recipe to Share: Amy's Meatloaf & Chicken Dish

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Nov 30, 2002
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Since the subject of dog food came up again I wanted to share one or two of the dog food recipes that I make for Amy. Amy is a modern American German Shepherd and I've always had trouble keeping weight on her. She is bred to be long and lanky but being a high energy dog, she can not maintain a good weight. This food I make has made a difference and added some very needed pounds on her. This used to be what I based "Amy's Power Balls" on. I used to make them into meatballs and feed as treats raw. Then I began to bake into a meatloaf it which seemed better for her. There were lots of recipes online but I tweaked them all and came up with this. I usually don't really measure things, but here is an idea. All ingredients are optional. This will last her about 5-7 days. I also offer dry dog food during the day.

I start with a few pounds of ground beef

8 eggs

1 jar of peanut butter

1... container of creme cheese

2 cups of total cereal

3 pieces of crumbled up bread or bread crumbs or croutons

Bake at 350 for an hour. This will make it rare or medium rare.

Store in a covered container in the fridge and serve cold or warm during winter months.


This next recipe is for her chicken dish. This will only last her about 3-4 days

5-7 pieces of boneless chicken breast

and package of lunch meat ham if I have any (optional)

Add 3 cups of rice

can of chicken broth

a few chopped carrots

Boil all together in large pot or cook in crock pot

Store in large container in fridge

Have a great day!


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Aug 18, 2003
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That recipe sounds good enough for me to try for myself.Lots of healthy ingredients and I love meatloaf.It just might be a liitle dry for humans.No wonder your dog loves it
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