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This week is our little county fair and my kids wanted to take their minis... well we loaded them all up and today was the kids fun show.. so I saddled up my oldest daughters Mare and let them ride her thru the events.... they had cloverleaf barrels, straight barrels, catalog race, lemonaid race. they just did a few events b/c we got started late and it was getting too hot... I was only able to snap a couple of pictures because I was leading them thru the events while they held on and said "go faster mommy, go faster!" They ended up tieing with one another for grand and reserve champion Peewee rider... and here are some pics of my youngest daugter Mackenzie while we were waiting for the show to get started. Today is also her birthday, she is 3. Thanks for letting me share..





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Jul 29, 2005
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Tacoma, WA

So cute. The kids make it worth it for us. Mine are grown and show their own but I work with a group in Tenino. Bailey on my avitar is only 3 this year and got to show Sunshine at two shows. What a pair: Sunshine is only 31 1/2 " so you can see Bailey is a little gal. They are now driving together also!

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Jun 27, 2004
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What an adorable little girl! She obviously had a great time, what a good mom you are.
Thank you for sharing your pictures, they're beautiful.

Country Rose, fantastic pictures too. Edited to add: Hey, wait a minute! I recognize that blue fence in the pictures, and come to think of it I saw that sheep too!
Sure 'noff, ya said "Tenino" right in your post. Should have realized you were in my area! That was my first show and I was in your obstacle driving class. Or at least we did the same obstacle as is shown in your photo album for the Pacific Crown show.

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