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Nov 15, 2003
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Topaz Ranch, Nevada
A Merry Christmas Eve!

Although I've shared this with folks on the Back Porch, I thought the die hard donkey lovers who may not visit that part of the forum might enjoy a thought of our long eared friend's contribution to our family Christmas past. He died of old age in October and there's a little hole in each of our hearts. Since this will be the last year of Santa magic for our son, I'm afraid, this story is one that really touches my heart this evening. Here goes:

Last Christmas Eve, our son was awoken from some commotion on our front porch. He thought sure it was the reindeer coming in for a landing. He did his best to pretend slumber. Turns out, the commotion was attirbuted to our ever wandering miniature donkey, Taco, coming to steal the grain David set out for Santa's reindeer.

I know in my heart that Taco is happy in Donkey heaven right now! He'll even be happier when he finds out that David is leaving warm beet pulp for Santa's reindeer instead of sweet feed!
I am so sorry. But I am glad you have fond memories of him, sound like he was a sweet heart.
Isn't Taco the donkey you had 2 years ago, when I was at your house? I didnt think he was that old, what happened to him? Sorry that David had to go thru this, but sure hoping that Santa and his reindeer remember to stop and get there beet pulp.

That is such of a cool story!! I can just see Taco on your porch helping himself to Santa's reindeer food!!

Where is that picture you have of Taco in the house?? You really need to put that on here.

That is one of my favorite pictures!!
Hi Donna!

I'd sure like to post the picture but my computer skills are LIMITED!

By the way, I'd sure like to have the head-shot of Dolly (Tina Turner with Attitude) to be posted whenever I reply. Guess I'm a "wannabe" Forum"er"!

Thanks for your usual!

Here is the picture of Taco in the house!! Hope this works!!


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