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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
Hey guys, this is the Chestnut yearling i bought about 3 weeks ago. He is a gelding and wow i love him. Still learning allot of things bc the lady we bought him from basically did nothing w/ him exept brush him. He was in his stall at night and in a dirt pasture during the day w/ about 5 other yearlings and there mothers. He was only walked about 3 feet a day on a lead rope, but you cant really tell. He never even seen grass untill we took him out to load him. But wow is he beautiful. He is already 15.1hh and was born May 13, 2004. Here he is, what a lover he is. Nothing to him is better then a good neck and but rub. So gentle, no bad habbits and god i love him.

SHAK'S SAMMY LEE (AHA registered)

Planning on showing him in halter and showmanship next yr. at the fair. So i've got a good yr for training. and we are going to break him when he is 3yr's old.

Triggy&Blue&Daisy Too

Very pretty boy and he's going to be a big one! Good luck with him at the fair.

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