Marty I measured god colt over here

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I have been asked a few times how tall he is figured I better measure.

He is offically 11 hands tall - exactly 44"

Cannon bone is only 14" which supprised me. 1 more week and I should be able to measure his cannon and how many inches is how tall he will be, gunna be a shorty like momma?

Ol Puchi didnt throw the 16.2hh+ hight this time.

See he aint THAT big Marty, he just a little boy


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Nov 30, 2002
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I wonder just how accurate that cannon bone measurement is?

I don't think it's 100% accurate all the time.

I too had a filly from a 16.2 stallion and my 15.3 3/4 mare and she was a punk measuring in at 14.2 as a two year old. I rode her in the snaffle bridle futurity over in West Palm at the Gold Coast one year and we looked so pitiful loping around those 16 handers, (but we made the cut every time). And of all things, here came the prelude to Hurricane David right down on us. Horses were totally freaking in the ring. Haha, big sissys, and we just stayed on the rail and was plodding right along trying not to get trampled. Son of a gun, the late bloomer hit a whopping 15.3 just like her mama at age 4. Go figure. You never know what mother nature is going to do. Oh, and we did get a 5th out of 153 that year. I pretty much fainted.


Wow marty, awsome placement I would have fainted too

No, you never know, I am hopeing for 15-15.2, right in between mom and dad. But I wont mind if he is smaller..... barrel raceing

Hey he already knows the pole pattern! He loves it, runs it by himself.


The cannon bone thing seems to be pretty accurate because Molly's is 14 3/4 " and she is 14.3hh -- Lizzy's was 10" and she was 10hh -- Ernie and Eclipse are both 8" and both are 8hh
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