Make a Two Horse Trailer into a Trailer For Three Minis

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Jan 20, 2018
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I have an older two horse straight load trailer in great condition. I wanted to set it up for three minis without losing the ability to still carry two full size horses. Let me share how I accomplished this.

The original center panel was two pieces. The bottom section goes from halfway up to the trailer floor. The upper section was the same size except only the front section went all the way up. The back part was only a few inches wide.

I had new pin holders to each corner of the front of the trailer just under the feed area for big horses. Then I had a section welded onto the top part and had it filled completely in with a sheet of metal. Niw I had two panels the same size that each pinned into the front corners. Pins at top and bottom of sections for secure hold. Then I swung the backs of the panels together so they now divided the interior into three triangles. I had a special dounle pin made that pins to my back center brace and has a small arm that reaches the old back pin. That secured the back V of the midfle trisngle. A U shaped pin goes into the back bottom and connects to a U bracket so the bottoms if both panels is secure.

Now I have three stalls that will each hold a mini. All travel pretty much facing forward. I have hung small hay bags in each stall.

I have quick release horse ties in the big horse feed areas that I run to the edge of the feeder. Right side has two. One for the middle horse and one for the horse on the right. The left side has one for the horse on the left. I tie their leadlines to the horse ties. I adjust the length of esch so horses are unable to get their front legs over the leadlines.

Works great. Each mini has a full wall on both sides. The best part is that when I want to haul to big horses I just pull the pins and move the panels back to the center.

Hope this is helpful.


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Mar 28, 2017
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I'm interested in photos too

I've a 1 1/2 horses trailer that I've equiped for my miniatures. I can ship two sulkies or carts and two minis or three minis and one cart. But it's an older one and I've to replace it in the next few years. My next trailer will be a two horse trailer that will be able to transport the three minis more comfortable or two minis and a bigger carriage.

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May 29, 2012
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Raeford (Silver City) NC
I third the photos request! ? and 1/2 horses?? Is that a biggie and a pony? Do you have photos to share as well?

I WANT a trailer...BUT...

I want to concentrate on small (32" and under.) So I'm making the honest effort to save for a slide-in that I can use in the truck.

Mostly because it will keep me in the snack-sized bag of chips!! ??? (Mini horse math and all, don'cha know.)