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Feb 6, 2004
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Arapaho, OK
Hello to all,

I am looking for examples of lease aggrements that anybody might use to lease out a stallion for breeding purposes and for leasing a horse to use as a show horse by someone else. Doesn't have to be AMHA or AMHR specific just something to look at and go by.

Any examples of what any of you use would be wonderful if you dont mind sharing.

Thanks a million on advance for all your help


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Nov 30, 2002
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Excellent timing on your request, as I need to find a lease agreement as well. I got a call out of the blue about a mare I have that can no longer be bred and she is broke to drive. Because even the attempt to breed her will tear her, I don't want to sell her, she has been a top broodmare for us and she doesn't deserve to get hurt. I did tell this lady I would consider a long term lease, that way I retain control of her, and if her kid loses interest I take her back. Now, I just have to think of everything I need to put in that lease about not breeding, not turning out with big horses, regular vet care.........

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