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Mar 10, 2012
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Probably a shot in the dark, but hopefully by next spring I will be in the place to take on another mini. Within the next 2 years, my mother (an experienced horseman) would like one of her own as well.

I own this mare's first colt, Buckeye WCF Dance in the Clouds, sired by Little WarDance.

I think the absolute world of my stud and knowing what I do about genetics, if you like the offspring go to the parents. His temperament is truly that of a once in a lifetime horse.

I know the mare has been through a few big name breeding farms, and I would like a foal of hers within the next few years. I would be open to buying the mare herself too, but that couldn't happen in the immediate future. Possibly this spring.

If I can't find her, I'd love another WarDance lined horse.

Does anybody know who currently owns the mare? I'd LOVE to get in touch with them and see if shes bred for this spring. I'd like a filly or her herself, mom would want a younger colt or gelding out of her in the future.

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