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Nov 27, 2009
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Cameron, NC
So, last weekend, our grand daughters visited. They don't live far away but due to work schedules and "life", I don't see them much.
Here's a few pics of our morning.

Grace pulls the feed wagon, while Gwen pushes. I help pretty quick, in case you are worried!

When we went to turn the boys loose, we stopped to actually visit with them after they galloped around for a bit. This is Gracelynne approaching and petting Echo (April 2013 stud colt) on the muzzle...

Echo seems to have decided that little peeps are ok and Gwen gets the chance to stroke him as well...

Both of them talking to Rio (also April 2013 stud colt, much smaller than Echo).

and here is Gwen approaching "mister spooky boy" - Dandy. He spun away when she took another step...

After feeding the 9 in the Rpen pasture, the girls pulled the the empty feed wagon back to the barn almost all by themselves.

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