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Jan 9, 2004
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Shawnee, Oklahoma
Little Man is gaining every day. His coat is looking better and he is full of life. It took trial and error to figure out what his favorite snacks are but he is definitely a carrot horse.

He is already looking better. I got to see how thin he really is when it rained Saturday and he wouldn't stay in the barn. It is absolutely pitiful, you can see all of his ribs and he is sunken at the flanks. I will be so glad when he gets some more weight on him. He shows that he has had someone who really loved him, he is very gentle and loving. The people that had him just got overwhelmed with the number of horses that they had.

The SPCA checked on the rest of the horses and took feed for them. The people asked them to help them find good homes for the horses as they just couldn't afford to keep them. The SPCA informed me that there will be no charges filed as they determined that this is not so much a cruelty case as the people were starving right along with the horses and just couldn't afford to take care of them.

I don't understand why they didn't try to find homes for the horses before they got in the shape they are in. They could have contacted the SPCA themselves when they got into trouble and they would have had those horses in new homes before now. The people asked the SPCA to please place the horses in foster care until they were adopted and they were picked up last week.

This is such a sad case, I hope they get some help soon. I know that when we were getting ready to leave with Little Man, my brother in law said they were both crying.



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Dec 2, 2002
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Thanks for the update Mary. I like hearing stories like this where the horse is now in a good home and is responding well to their new life of luxury.

It is sad for both the horses and the previous owners. It is obvious that they loved there horses, but yet they were to embarassed to tell anyone that they could afford them any more, at least that is my best guess. After all, they let them go without a hassle when the SPCA showed up. While I find it very sad that they didn't get rid of them sooner, I can fully understand it. They were probably hoping that things would have changed, and well, if the owners were starving also, then I wouldn't call it outright cuelty as it wasn't something that they did because they felt like being cruel.

And Mary, bless you and your Hubby for helping ALL of those horses. If it wasn't for you, none of the horses would be in foster homes now.

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