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Jan 31, 2004
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Pacific NW Scappoose, OR
So I had made an offer on a piece of property. Then I didn't receive the disclosures on said property as required. Well after much thought I rescinded my offer. Beware the contract clearly states if the Seller doesn't fullfill his requirements the Earnest money is to be refunded to the buyer. Yeah! right! In Oregon the seller still has to sign another document releasing the funds so I did receive the money back but it took 4 weeks and several lies by the sellers broker. Of course they don't share that info up front. Lesson Learned!

After speaking with my daughter and son-in-law I have moved into the downstairs living area. We are having some updates done upstairs and they are moving in on 4/26. Woo Hoo! No longer will I be living totally alone. Now if I go out to care for the horses and something awful happened I won't be laying there alone for days before someone finds me. One of my biggest fears.

Jerry Lee is well healed and doing great. No longer is he making Diego his prison buddy so they are getting along much better.

Koda is getting gelded. I have a person who will handle the exercising and healing process for a fee and she is wonderful with horses. Has handled geldings before and I suspect it will be difficult for her to see him come back home afterwards. After that I plan to speak with the guy just up the road from me who trains the team and drives the stage coach for Wells Fargo. I will have him do the training on Koda and it will include road training as he is great at that. Also trail. He is a very nice man and we have spoken over the years. I will just walk him to his house and hand him over. When he comes home he will be all trained. Thats the plan anyway.

I have been home for a week moving and after carrying all the heavy furniture down the stairs my body aches and his now bruised and battered. But the end result will be well worth it. Have lived down here in the past and it is really quite nice. With the kids living upstairs there will be someone here almost 24/7 due to our different work shifts. I will have help keeping up the yard and that alone will be a huge help.

I will also be able to do more as I can have the kids fill in for me at times caring for the critters. In the summer all they have to do is feed them and make sure water tubs are filled. We don't lock up in barns during the summer so no stalls to clean daily. Maybe by I will be able to join the beach drive group and enjoy my driving horses.


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May 9, 2007
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Great news! This will work out for you all; I am sure of it. Sounds like a meant to be!