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Aug 18, 2003
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Well Karo did good all day yesterday (Sat.), a little tired but otherwise ok.

Then last night she got diarrhea. So I called the vet, he told me to stop the antibiotics and gastroguard. Give her a 10CC dose of BenEBac and repeat that dose again this morning. If her stool doesn't firm up by 4 PM today we will give her Bio Sponge.

She feels fine today, no fever, eating and drinking fine, but still has the diarrhea

The vet is already coming out here tomorrow morning for other things, so I guess he will be working on Karo as well.

All the bloodwork and tests came back yesterday afternoon and other than the elevated white count that we already knew about, everything else is clear. So we just don't know

So Karo needs more good thoughts please

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