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Aug 18, 2003
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Alberta, Canada
Oh my poor poor Josie.

Today I decided that I was going to clean up all the horses since it was our first really nice (bath weather) summer day. I thought I would brush, clip, bath and take some pic of all my horses, alone with cleaning out the barn.

I got up nice and early to fed the horses so they could have their breakfast before it was pampering time. I cleaned up the barn as they ate.

So the pampering begins....I have been working with our mini donkey, Josie throughout the winter to get her use to the clipper. She is pretty darn use to them by now so I thought why not start out with her.

First she has a bath because she was pretty dirty to clip. As she dried off we had a good TLC session and halter lessons.

Now for the clipping. I started at her rear and worked my way up. She was such a doll about it. I didn't even have a halter on her. She just stood there like a good girl! I was a very proud mommy.

THEN I got to the shoulder and neck area. As I was clipping I started to notice little time bugs crawling around! EWWWWWW! There were also eggs. I was so creeped out!

Called the vet and he told me that she must have lice and I needed this dry shampoo. My poor girl! I felt so bad for her! How could this happen! I feel like a bad mom.

So I put everything away, got ready and headed into town (45-min. drive). The feed store was so packed and busy. Finally found what I needed, waited in line for a lifetime and was then back on my way home.

Got home to find that Josie (half clipped) has gone for a dry shampoo of her own...a roll in the dirt.

OK so now I had to give her another bath, wait for her to dry off, and start clipping again.

Now I am not the worlds best clipper that is for sure, but I was in total shock once I was done clipping her. She didn't even look like the same donkey! She looked so grow up with out all that winter hair! Plus she had had 2 baths so she was so shiny and clean. Then I had to give her the yucky dry shampoo. My pretty little normally black donkey was now white.

By the end of the day the barn was back a mess, I still had 5 minis to clip and I was just pooped

I have the worst luck I tell you. So here are some pics that I took of Josie tonight. Clipped and powdered in all
And again sorry about the bad clip job. I didn't do her legs so she looks like she has little mini leg warmers on.Josie 2 weeks ago with her buddy Teddy

Josie tonight[/b][/color]

I will try to get some better pics tomorrow of my cutie.

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MeadowRidge Farm

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Dec 9, 2002
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Well...I think she looks quit cute clipped. I should be doing the same here, but our weather has still been so darn cold out, tonight its suppose to get down to 28 degrees, and I dont want my little donkeys freezing there tails off, so until we get summer weather..mine have there good old coats on yet!

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