Is it ever too late to imprint?

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Oct 2, 2004
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I posted about my neighbors neglect of their minis - the filly is 6 months old and has never been handled at all
Her little hooves are starting to curve up (just 1/2 over but still makes me sick) she has cow manure caked all over 1/2 her body. If I am able to get her I was wondering if it too late to make her a great little horse?? They neighbors are very nice people but they just have no clue how to treat them...I have tried to nicely say something to no avail. I plan on another friendly neighbor visit this week. If I can't get through I am not sure who to let know (if anyone) about their lack of care...



No its not too late! She will turn around with some patientce and regular gentle handling. Sometimes its amazing how fast they turn around. When Spirit came here he was just so scared and quite a handful. Now 3 weeks later he is already coming around and loving being scratched and petted. He also leads now! And he is approx 5-6 yrs old.


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Nov 30, 2002
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Good heavens no, it's never too late.

Almost all my minis were never handled and right out of the field. I like them that way. That means no one else has ruined them. Means I don't have any bad habits to break.

One of them Silver Belle was 5 and not even halter broke. They just would pen her up for feet trims and worming every now and then. She's still a work in progress and I've had her now for 4 years.

I've also had big horses brought into me that were never halter broke or touched. Full grown, and I'd be riding them in a few weeks.

Horses are really not that stupid.

They usually know when they are not in danger.

They always know who's got the food.

I'd go for it.

I'd put her in a small stall and bring my stool in there and "stare"

Be bonded before you know what hit you.

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