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Aug 23, 2007
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Northern Nevada
We are getting ready for the Reno, NV show. My 10 year old Niece is going to be driving. We just got weather that we can train and Ellie is doing remarkable. She has a trot so collected that she doesn't trot any faster then I walk. Also my niece is doing the training. She has been using the easy entry cart so we figured we should put her into the show cart. That means getting the shafts out from behind my dresser, wheel braces from beside my dresser (different dresser), seat out of the top of the closet the basket out from behind the bar and the wheels out of my moms closet. I looked at it and honestly it was like a chimp trying to do brain surgery. I had not gotten the directions with the cart but they were rush e-mailed to me. The directions were good but getting back to that chimp thing. I goofed. I put the springs in the wrong spot. That should be no problem. Just switch them. Not so easy. I don't know what I did but all the one screw does is spin. I guess I am gonna going to have to take it to a machine shop and and get the darn thing drilled. Anyway we are not going to let this stop us from having a great time at the show. Also, since this is the first show for my niece although it would be great to get a ribbon she is a winner just for getting out there with a horse she trained herself. We just wanted to know if there was anyone else on here going to the show.

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