Important Update on Animal Rescue in LA

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Nov 30, 2002
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Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 23:30:34 -0400

From: Betsy Smith <firesmithfarm@STARPOWER.NET>

Subject: Important Update on Animal Rescue in LA


Evening Update, September 5:

Don't believe everything you hear. The ASPCA has investigated =

allegations that family pets in Louisiana are being taken from their =

owners and shot. We have found absolutely no truth to this widely =

circulated rumor. According to reliable sources, one dog was shot and =

killed after he tried to attack an officer. There is no order to shoot =

animals unless they are endangering law enforcement officers. You can =

help keep a volatile situation from becoming even worse by checking out =

rumors before passing them on.=20

clearing up false information

You may have heard the rumor that evacuees in Louisiana are being =

ordered to abandon their animals. In some cases, they have had to leave =

their animals but there are many animal rescuers in the area. The =

Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine has assured us =

that every effort is being made to reunite animals and people. The LSU =

Veterinarian's Office is now coordinating all information about animals =

stranded in Louisiana. They have a 30-computer and phone bank set up, =

and are on site, so they are in the best position to combine data and =

forward it to rescue teams. In Louisiana, people reporting stranded =

animals or have found an animal should call (888) 773-6489. Outside =

Louisiana, people should call (225) 925-3980. Information may also be =

e-mailed to The LSU School of Veterinary =

Medicine website is loaded with very good information and clear =



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Nov 30, 2002
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Thanks for the update..... Common sense dictates that human lives come first & animals that endanger the rescuers have to be taken care of accordingly. After things settled down I figured the animals would then be rescued if possible. There are priorities in disasters & human lives should come first.

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