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May 5, 2004
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Wow, how long has it been since i posted on this board......too long!

Well my two little boys have been having there ups and downs. I move them to a new yard which is much better for them. THey come in at night now and have there own field sothey can run around and eat grass till they pop...(well as far as my electric fence will let them!) and its much closer for me so i can start some training with them.

Tigga, my little chestnut boy has started longreining and lunging and is a little pro! Gets stroppy onthe lunge and just decides to bolt round for 10 mins now and then but he is ace at long reining, walks out, hardly spooks, is a little nappy but we get by and he's even got a natural head carriage....everyone at my new yard thinks he looks so stunning in his gears, long reining down the road with this natural head carriage! He was going to have the winter off but i tookhim out of work and he went lame! So vet came out and told me to put him backinto workfor the winter. Turns out he has locking patella....been told its common but new to me all this vet stuff is.

But dinki, my little coloured, bless he isn't having much luck. He's always had a funny gait and came appear very lame and in pain so i got the vet to check his back legs again (3rd vet in a year i've had check his legs, all the rest said 'he'll grow out of it..) and vet wasn't happy, said he had no flexion in his hocks so wanted x-rays. So down he went to the vets in a massive 5 horse lorry (very funny when a 30" mini comes out of it all on his lonesome!) and turns out he has bone spavins in both legs, more advanced in the left and this has caused arthritis! So painkillers, in hand walking and a supplements to help and waiting to see howthis turns out. He is much more worse onthe left than the right....the painkillers help but also keeping his legs warm over night help a lot as well, so i have little travel boots which he wears in the stable.

Butcourse, being outside during the day in a field...comes in wet and muddy...so pampurred pony gets his legs washed with warm water, dried with a towel then with a hair dryer!

And i've given up riding horses sincei'm very nervous rider and everything iride seems to turn into a loon! So decided instead that after i sell my remaining big horse who is for sale now...i'm going to buy me a little mini mare and a stallion and have all little mini's! They give me so much more joy than the big ones!

Course everyone thinks i'm mad! But hey! Who cares....

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