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Dec 24, 2002
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I am going to be going to OK within the next week or so. I am pulling a fullsize 2 horse slant trailer there empty. We are picking up the 3 rescues and bringing the donkey to NM and then taking the minis to Phoenix to meet Gini.

Yes, the trailer is setup to divide the fullsizer from the minis.

What I'm offering is transportation for anything from this area, along the route or shortly off route to OK. What I want for it is $$ for a tank of fuel with half of that amount going to CMHR.

Coming back we may be limited on space but from NM to AZ, we will have space for 3 more minis. I will be pulling my mini trailer to there. I may be delivering a cart to that area as well but might still have some space in the back of the pickup.

I will need to know ASAP if you have something so I can plan the trip.

We do have a camera system setup in the trailer that we can watch what is going on while driving and we do make frequent stops to give the kids a break.

Contact me through email or PM.

Hope we can get CMHR some $$$$$!!!!

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