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Nov 30, 2002
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This came from AMHA about the ribbon snaffu

August 22, 2005

Please pass this information on if you know someone who attended the Central Championship Show.

I am sure many of the Central Championship exhibitors are waiting for word on how the distribution of the missing ribbons will be done.

As of now, this is the information available:

The boxes are being sent to the AMHA office as they are received by Hodges Badge.

There are currently plans being made for sorting and packaging the week-end of August 27, 2005 at AMHA. AMHA Staff and a member who has graciously volunteered her time will sort and mail the ribbons. For those exhibitors who requested a Performance Report, it will be included with the mailing.

Now, this is what we need from the membership:

Please disregard the sign up list for ribbons at the show. If you DO NOT care to receive your ribbons, email [email protected].

Trainers – please remind me if the ribbons go to you or directly to your customers.

Since we are looking at a time period of days, please do not hesitate in getting me the information above at your earliest convenience. If you have further questions, please contact Kristy at 817-783-5600 ext. 307 or at [email protected].

Thanks once again for all of the support given at the show,

AMHA Staff

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