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Dec 11, 2002
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I hope someone that runs that auction sees this and can answer. Why do you take everything off line before anyone can see what sells and how much the horses are sold for. I would be very hesitant to put a horse in the auction since no one ever gets to see the final bids, how many people bid, what the average price is, who the high selling horse was. How many did reach their reserves.

Will you be posting all of this informaton on your website now? How about the last sale, can you post the same thing for it. It would help in making the choice to pay that much to put a horse in or not.



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May 30, 2004
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Southwestern Ohio
Yes, I agree! I followed the sale daily all the way up til an hour before it ended when I was called away on an emergency. When I got back to the computer, everything was gone!!! I would have loved to see which horses sold and for how much. While watching the auction I was thinking it might be a very useful tool for me and was thinking about joining. But, now I went to their website to see if there was info there about the auction and I noticed there is not even a listing of the current members. Only the 4 "founding" farms are listed. I wonder why the other members aren't listed. If anyone knows anything about the IAMHA and about the results of this sale I would love to be informed.

JWC sr.

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Apr 21, 2006
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Santa Fe Texas
Good point and to be honest I don't know the answer. Other than I know that is the way the software we bought works. I will try and post the results of the auction as soon as I have them.

I know not quite 50% of the horses met the reserves the owners placed on them. We had a number of overseas bidders and they ended up buying several horses.

My overall impression was that the prices on the horses were low for the quality offered. Mares and fillies made up the bulk of the sales. No stallions and only two colts sold. Additionally the higher priced horses did not sell. People are looking for bargains. .

All in all it worked for some and for some it didn't. The buyers got some really good deals on the horses they did buy.

All of our activites are not limited to associate or founding members, but are open to the general public. But members do get consignment discounts and other benefits such discounts from a number of high quality supporting tack and merchandise vendors.

We recently finally got approval for our non-profit status and the future things we have planned such as live auctions, educational seminars, on-line auctions etc. etc. will be done under the name of the Miniature Horse Alliance, Inc.

As far as a list of the associate members are concerned, when we started we were going to do that and a few people that were associate members had a problem with it due to liability concerns. I will mention it to the founding farms and see if that concern has minimized with the insurances and charter we now have in place. :DOH!

If at anytime you need any information regarding IAMHA or MHA, Inc. Don't hesitate to contact me. Our complete purpose is to market and promote miniature horses whenever and where ever we can.

I hope your emergency was not anything bad.
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