I was thinking of getting an aspc colt

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Dec 17, 2002
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SW, Missouri
Do ponies make good beginner/driving/show horses. I was going to try and find a colt or gelding next year, i want to teach him to drive for fun around the house, and maybe show some local shows. And maybe a few breed shows if i get a good enough show horse. Anyway, i was wondering if they make good beginner horses. And what do you suggest i look for in a young colt, bloodlines, registries, etc... All info apreciated.
[SIZE=14pt]As with minis there are beginner horses and horses not for beginners. Get one that is already trained and you wont have to worry. Some lines of Shetlands are "hotter" than others..... that doesnt mean bad that just means needs some experienced handlers. DO your homework and you will be fine. Sparky is for sale....he is level headed....and at a pet price.....[/SIZE]

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By all means get a shetland! they are my first and best love... like people they come in all shapes and dispositions. I find them to be every bit as intelligent(probably more!) as full sized horses and with even more expressive personalities. If you have no experience, it is wiser to get a pony who has lots of it! There are many of responsible breeders who post on these boards and who will take time to make sure you get just the pony you need.... be sure to tell us all about your new pony when you find it!

happy hunting!
You'll get addicted!

I have Sparky's sissy here and she is as level headed as they come! I bet Sparky will be the same way.

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