I have a new farrier!!

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Dec 2, 2002
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My usual farrier is wonderful but he gets extremely busy in the spring and summer as he is also an arabian trainer and also shows horses for clients in the summer and Fall and it's always difficult to find a suitable time for him and I (since I work outside the home during the day). I found an AWESOME farrier who lives about 8 minutes away from me and SHE is wonderful
. Saturday was the first time she came and it was great to find out that her parents have minis and she ADORES them, she went expecially crazy for "Flash". Anyway this woman has alot of patience and is very quiet with all my horses and Shafeena, my arabian mare absolutely fell in love with this woman because she kept scratching her withers and in Shafeena's books that is what is most important in life,
. Brandy does weekend calls and of course evening calls so I won't have to take a day off all the time, yoohoo!!!
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Kim Rule

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Dec 9, 2002
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Ya know, there best thing I ever did was change farriers. My previous one would argue with me, and not do as I asked, so he made one of our geldings club footed!!!
That is something I will forever have a difficult time forgiving myself for.

I explained the problem to our new farrier, and she took a long time, and fixed him! She was careful to get the right angles, and change him slowly. She came every two weeks, and would do a couple of horses, and then walk into my pasture to rasp his heels down so that he walked correctly. I don't know if he will ever move normally again, but he certainly moves better than he did!

She also took our donkey under her wing...someone had trimmed the donkey like a horse...and as a result she had a bad crack in her hoof. My farrier actually made a shoe, and put it on the donkey! Now, there aren't many people I would trust to put a nail in my minis' hooves, but her, I trust!
She did an excellent job, the donkey's hoof is grown out, and I have the shoe as a keep sake. (It's SO tiny!)

My horses are healthier, and my farrier is SO nice! She loves our minis. She will babysit my donkey if I go to a show... I wouldn't trade her for love nor money! She is worth her weight in gold..and then some!!!!

Kim R.

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